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Dennis Young

Kansas City, MO
Dennis Young’s writing experience began in the third grade and has continued since. Once through the grueling trials of school (grade, high, and college, surviving with a flourish) he found an outlet for his imagination in the world of fanzines and fan literature.
Working in the international construction trade, he published technical works in business periodicals and other professional publications for over 30 years.
In 2005 he began writing The Ardwellian Chronicles, and in 2007 published his first book, “Secret Fire”. This was followed by “Dark Way of Anger” in 2009, “Secrets of the Second Sun” in 2011, “Kaanan’s Way” in 2013, and “Blood Secret” in 2016.
His mantra is “Working on The Ardwellian Chronicles and Hope I Live Long Enough to Finish”.
With stories of family relationships and blood-oaths taking precedence over all, The Ardwellian Chronicles offer stirring tales and challenges to test the mettle of the bravest souls and spirits.