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Jeni Frontera

J. R. Frontera has been telling stories in some form or another since she could hold a crayon and draw. Her love of science fiction and fantasy originated with her early exposure to the worlds of Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and Dune. Exploring the potential and pitfalls of humanity in future or fantastical worlds is a temptation she’s just never been able to resist. She writes dark scifi, romantic fantasy, and pretty much every other genre in-between under the same name. She co-founded a local writing group known as The Wordwraiths and is co-owner of their publishing imprint Wordwraith Books. She’s also co-host of The Writer Mom Life podcast, and when she’s not writing, momming, podcasting, or working at her full-time job, she’s often horseback riding, playing videogames, or cosplaying. You can find out more about J. R. Frontera and her books by visiting her website at jrfrontera.com.