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M.C. Chambers

M.C. Chambers writes science fiction and fantasy. Her first novel, Shapers’ Veil, is published by Hadley Rille Books. Other stories published by Hadley Rille Books include Silk and Velvet in the anthology Renaissance Festival Tales, an award-winning science fiction story, Visual Silence, in the anthology Return to Luna, and Uno por Cada in Hadley Rille Book’s anthology Ruins Excavation. She is also a flutist, a mother of five, and a variable print programmer. She and her five sons fuel each other’s imaginary acts of daring. They surround her with the images, props and verbiage of great deeds. With plastic weapons and a trampoline as a battleground, they enact action scenes from her stories, helping her, a sedentary data processor, to visualize and choreograph with greater credibility. When they use and expand upon that scene in their own play, she eagerly create another, inspired by having inspired.

My Moderators Sessions

Saturday, May 27

3:00pm CDT

Sunday, May 28

12:00pm CDT